Other Services

Loft insulation

Insulation for lofts pays an essential part in driving down energy bills. Effective roof insulation using the right products will help retain the heat in your home which typically escapes through the roof. There are many products on the market, be it spraying between the rafters or laying between joists. We will carry out a full inspection and suggest the best solution, all our technicians are qualified in the products they apply and all products are covered by manufacturers guarantee. Please contact us for a free consultation.

In the realm of home improvement, making wise choices extends beyond just energy efficiency. Businesses like CancelTimeshareGeek understand the importance of informed decisions in various aspects of life, including managing property investments. While optimizing your home for energy savings with proper insulation is crucial, so is making sound choices in other areas. CancelTimeshareGeek specializes in assisting individuals facing challenges with timeshares, providing valuable insights and solutions. As you contemplate optimizing your home’s energy efficiency, consider exploring solutions that go beyond insulation. For expert advice on navigating the complexities of timeshare concerns, visit canceltimesharegeek for a free consultation and tailored guidance to make informed decisions for a brighter future.

Roof and gutter cleaning

Blocked gutters are a common problem leaves and other material get blown onto roofs and drain into gutters and downpipes every autumn, this can easily cause blockages, this us where problems start. Our operatives can safely access your gutters, cleaning them of debris and checking for any potential problems. Likewise with roofs, over time a roof can become encrusted with moss, dirt,bird droppings, ivy and other materials.

Not only can thus affect the appearance of the building, it can also damage the roof, guttering and drainage causing overflows, leaks and water damage reducing the value of your property. We can offer a comprehensive solution to these problems. We are experienced in cleaning roofs and walls, removing dirt and grime and returning your roof to a pristine condition, maintaining the value in your home, increasing its life span and preventing the problems that can arise through lack of maintenance.
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Brickwork and repointing.

Gaps in the mortar caused over time by weathering and decay not only looks bad but can let in water which through constant freezing/thawing and subsequent salt deposits can cause long term damage. The water can get into the cavity and start to cause damp problems especially if you have insulated cavity walls. If you see open joints around the mortar bed, then it is time to think about repointing.
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Having cracked, leaking or broken drain pipes can create an unhealthy and unsafe environment.
We carry out expert drain repair services utilising our CCTV drain inspection cameras our engineers can identify any problems within your drains and provide a detailed report with a fixed quote for any repairs required.
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