Damp Proofing

Exterior wall protection.

Waterproofing is a complete solution that protects your exterior walls it protects your walls from water ingress and moisture by keeping them dry and creating a waterproof barrier. Before applying a coating to your walls we clean and repair any any cracks or fissures and clean any dust. The coating goes on as a white when applied making it easy to see where it has been treated and dries to a clear finish.

This provides your property with complete protection. It lines the pores instead of blocking them this makes your walls breathable and prevents frost damage as well.


Condensation is the easiest damp problem to fix, it fan often be solved cheaply and quickly.
Condensation is caused when humid air meets cold surfaces like walls and windows. As the temperature goes down the amount of moisture that the air can hold falls and the tiny drops of water form on the surface.
The air in your home is naturally moisture, but the amount of moisture is increased by the release of water vapour from cooking, bathing, wash/drying machines and even respiration. If Condensation is allowed to sit on walls for long periods of time it can penetrate the outer layers of your walls and seep into furniture where it becomes a longer term problem causing black mould to grow.

Some of the solutions to this problem lie in providing more ventilation including air bricks, air vents, roof ventilation tiles or simply opening a window. Bear in mind that some of these solutions can lead to heat loss and increased energy bills. A dehumidifier may be the solution to many Condensation problems, they help to remove humidity from the air to prevent the build up of Condensation and thus preventing black mould forming. 

They remove moisture by drawing air into the unit and passing this through specially cooled coils which attracts the moist air collecting in a tank and blowing the dried air back out. This leads to drier air and prevention of Condensation and black mould growth, thus is particularly if benefit to anyone living in the home that suffers from respiratory problems such as asthma or COPD, black mould spores circulating in the home can dramatically increase problems in people with breathing problems.


Condensation is now more frequent problem in many properties often as a result of modern living, heating, double glazing etc, it may often be the result of poor ventilation or may a symptom of rising damp or water ingress. Quite often it can manifest itself as black mould and this can cause respiratory problems and difficulties for those with COPD. There can be a number of solutions depending on circumstances, a new chemical damp proof course, external wall coatings and dehumidifiers.